At Speedy Bail Bonds NJ we want to help you with not only getting you out of jail quickly but also with getting you resources that will help you in the future. Here are some helpful links that we feel are beneficial to our clients.

General Bail Information

Bail as described on Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia

Criminal Process in New Jersey

Describes the New Jersey criminal process.

New Jersey Bail Laws

Each state has its own rules on bail bonding. This resource describes the New Jersey process.

How to bail bonds work?

Important facts you need to know about the bail bond process.

New Jersey Cops

Listing of Police stations by county.


New Jersey Criminal Lawyers

Anderl Oakley & Del Rio is a New Jersey criminal defense firm with offices in Perth Amboy and Princeton

Criminal Lawyer Listings

For more criminal lawyers who practice in New Jersey, here’s a comprehensive list from Find Law.

 NJ Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal defense lawyers experienced in all areas of criminal justice and criminal law. Our law firm represents clients across Northern Central New Jersey.